Welcome to Kansas Computer Classes

The Web pages on this Web site contains links to:

  • Current classes
  • Archived recordings of past classes
  • Handouts
  • Videos on the Web about the same topic.

The classes are done with Elluminate. Elluminate:
  • Is purchased by the State Library of Kansas for use by Kansas libraries for statewide meetings and educational events.
  • Is easy to use. Participating in these classes requires a computer with a speaker or headphones. Since, participants can communicate with presenters by typing in a chat box, a microphone is not necessary. However, participants with microphones can talk to presenters. We strongly recommend using headsets with microphones to prevent feedback from the computer speakers into the microphone.

If you wish to participate in a class,
  1. Click the "upcoming classes" link in the top left menu to see when the next classes will be.
  2. If you plan attending a class in your local library, then talk to the librarian about reserving a computer for that class.
  3. About 15 minutes before class time, return to this Web site and click the class in the lower left menu.
  4. On the class page, click the "class link" to attend the class. 
To listen to recordings of past classes, click the class page in lower left menu. On the class page click the "Class recording".